The ClassIn client can collect various data happening in the virtual classroom, such as students raising hands, and users entering/exiting the classroom. We are pleased to push the data to your endpoint based on your needs, and you can analyze and generate learning reports with abundant raw data.

If you'd like to subscribe to any type of data, please contact your account manager or ClassIn's tech support team, and provide the following information.

  • The type of data you'd like to subscribe to. Refer to data types
  • An Endpoint URL to receive data from ClassIn.
  • Your ClassIn SID. Path: ClassIn School Dashboard - Profile - API - API对接密钥(First Tag)- SID
  • One email address(or multiple ones) to receive error messages sent from us when your endpoint fails to process the data. Email addresses of your IT staff are recommended.

General types of data:

  • Lesson level
    • real-time data sent during the class
    • data sent after the class
  • School level

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