Identity related(teacher、student、attend、school、child account)

  • Everyone needs to have a user account.
  • Users must log in ClassIn or to use various business functions.
  • The school needs to add some users as an institution teacher, so that it can be designated as the teacher of the course and class during the course and class section.
  • Students, auditing, etc. Are a kind of identity for the course or class. A user can become a teacher in a class, as well as a student or other identity in other course or class.
  • Any user can be designated as a student in a course or class.
  • Auditing can only be set for courses.
  • Any user can only have one identity in one class.
  • The school account is the user who has been authenticated by the school. The school account has the functions of adding an school teacher, creating a course, and specifying a child account.
  • The child account is used by the school to set up multiple administrators. The background supports the school to configure multiple subaccounts, and can specify different permissions for each child account. The child account setting temporarily does not support API Settings.
  • A child account with access to the class can invoke the client's form through a Web link to sit in on any class in the school.

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