Delete Class

To delete a lesson, you need to pass required parameters, SID, safeKey, timeStamp, course ID and lesson Id. The API responses with error code and the description that you can refer to.

Notes: If you delete the lesson created with courseUniqueIdentity, the courseUniqueIdentity would also be deleted.


HTTP Request Methods

  • POST

Coding format

  • UTF-8

Request data

key Required More Restrictions Instructions Description
SID Yes Null School ID It is available through the application
safeKey Yes Fixed 32-bit all lowercase characters School authentication security key safeKey=MD5(SECRET+timeStamp)
timeStamp Yes Null imestamp used by safeKey Unix Epoch timeStamp is the number of seconds passed by 00:00 (world standard time) on January 1, 1970
courseId Yes Null Course ID Null
classId Yes Null Class ID Null

Response data

key Type Sample value meaning
error_info object Return message object
└ errno number 1 Error code
└ error string "Normal execution" Error list


  • HTTP request
POST /partner/api/course.api.php?action=delCourseClass HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
Cache-Control: no-cache

  • Shell cURL analog request instruction
curl -H "Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded" -X "POST" \
      -d "SID=1234567" \
      -d "safeKey=7fe917c22f3afd6ebadd329cfab7d403" \
      -d "timeStamp=1492933564" \
      -d "courseId=14181" \
      -d "classId=23611" \

Response sample(The normal return json packet example)

  "error_info": {
    "errno": 1,
    "error": "程序正常执行"

Error Code Description

Error Code Description
1 Successful execution.
100 Incomplete or incorrect parameters.
102 No permission(security verification failed).
104 Operation failed(unknown error).
114 Server exception.
140 The lesson is still ongoing and cannot be edited or deleted.
142 The lesson does not exist in the course.
143 No information about the lesson.
144 There is no such course in your institution.
145 This lesson is finished and cannot be deleted.
212 This lesson has been deleted.
369 The course/lesson of this type(public course) cannot be operated.
466 The lesson was created in the ClassIn LMS and cannot be edited via API. Please edit the lesson in the ClassIn LMS.
823 The lesson is deleted successfully. Failed to delete the courseUniqueIdentity.

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