Class-Scheduling Related Errors

Rules of mobile phone numbers

  • Mobile phone numbers in the mainland China: Do not add the area code at the front, for example, 15800000001
  • Mobile phone numbers outside the mainland China: 00area code - mobile phone number. For example, 001-8006437676
  • Note: The first number cannot be zero.

Register interface returns 131, failed to register

  • Reason: You have sent multiple identical requests at the same time to register the same account.
  • Solution: Only send the same request once at one time, and make adjustment based on the values returned.

Receives error code 228 when adding students to a course/lesson

  • Reason: You have not added the account to your school yet.
  • Solution: To complete the process of user registration and adding them to the school, utilize the registration interface with the 'addToSchoolMember' parameter. In the event that the phone number or email is already registered in ClassIn, calling the 'register' interface again with the 'addToSchoolMember' parameter will still result in error code 1, indicating the successful addition of the student/teacher under the institution, along with the corresponding UID. Alternatively, you can directly call the interface of addSchoolStudent or addTeacher to fulfill the task.

We have scheduled lessons but those lessons are not shown in the ClassIn

  • Please first check whether the courses and lessons are sychronized to the ClassIn's School Dashboard successfully. If the course/lesson neither exists on the School Dashboard, nor the ClassIn app, you can refer to the following two possible reasons.
  • Scenario 1. Whether your staff had deleted the course/lesson on the School Dashboard or the ClassIn app?
  • Scenario 2. The API request to schedule classes reported errors but you did not deal with it. You can refer to the log in your system to further investigate.
  • Scenario 3: The lesson already exists, but the student has not been added to the lesson, resulting in the student not being able to see the entry for that lesson. This could be due to the institution staff deleting the student from the ClassIn admin dashboard or ClassIn client-side, or it could be because the institution did not utilize the interface for adding students to the institution or the interface failed to add the student.

Solution to Scenario 1: After API integration, do not manage classes and users on the School Dashboard or in the ClassIn app. Operations in the ClassIn system will lead to data conflict.
Solution to Scenario 2: Only when the return value equals 1, successful request, can you regard the course and lesson is scheduled successfully.

We have deleted the class in our own system, but the lesson still exists in the ClassIn app. Why?

Please refer to the question above.

There are multiple identical lessons appearing. How to avoid it?

"I sent a request to add a lesson and your interface did not response. Thus I sent the request again and two lessons were created successfully. How to avoid creating the same lesson repeatedly? " You may have sent the same request with same values for multiple times, thus multiple same lessons are created. ClassIn will not make judgement on whether they are the same lessons or not.

  • Pass courseUniqueIdentity when creating the course and lesson. If request with the repeated courseUniqueIdentity will report errors and fail.

I have deleted the lesson and when I create another lesson, error code 398 returned, indicating that the data already exists. (The courseUniqueIdentity already exists.).

  • If the course/lesson is deleted via API, the courseUniqueIdentity of the course/lesson was deleted as well and can be used again. However, if the course/lesson is deleted on the Dashboard or the ClassIn app, then the courseUniqueIdentity would not be deleted. Thus you cannot use the same courseUniqueIdentity to create other courses/lessons.

I have added the student to my school, but when calling the API of getLoginLinked, I receive error code 150, indicating that I do not have permission to obtain the user's login key.

  • Reason: The user is not a member of the lesson. Not a student/teacher/co-teacher/auditing student in the lesson.
  • Note: The master account and sub-accounts with permission to supervise and manage classes can also use the link generated by tihs API to enter the classroom.

I have created the course successfully and when I added the student to the course, I receive error code 841, indicating that failed to synchronized class nickname.

  • Reason: Unstable internet. The student is added to the course successfully and it fails to synchronize the student's nickname.
  • Solution: When error code 841 occurs, you can call Modify Group Member's Nickname to synchronize the user's nickname separately. Also enable the nickname synchronization function on the School Dashboard. Path: Profile -> Setting -> Class Setting -> Synchronized class nickname setting

How to add Transfer Student and Dropout Student via API?

  • Transfer Student is added to certain lessons and the transfer student can only see the lessons they are added to. They are not aware of the other lessons in the course. You can call the interface of Add Students to Lesson to achieve the effect.
  • Dropout Student is the member of the course, but is removed from certain lessons. The Dropout Student cannot see the lesson they are removed from and they can attend other lessons in the course. You can call Remove Students from Lesson to achieve the effect.

When activating the teacher, I receive error, the teacher is in the process of being deactivated.

  • It takes time to completely deactivate a teacher. Thus when a teacher is in the process of being deactivated, it means that the teacher is not deactivated yet. The teacher is still in the dealing process, therefore, you cannot activated the teacher immediately. Normally, when this error occurs, the teacher will become deactivated after a few minutes. When the teacher's status becomes deactivated, you can call API to activate the teacher.

When adding new lessons, I received error code 454, the lesson start and end time of the lesson overlaps with the system maintenance time.

  • Reason: The lesson start and end time (including 20 minutes before the class and 20 minutes after the class) and the system maintenance time overlap. For example: The ClassIn system is in maintenance at 2023-3-21 00:31-05:29. The lesson start time cannot overlap with 2023-3-21 00:10-05:50.
  • You will receive the system maintanence time in advance in the service team. You can also refe to Regular System Maintainance Time.

When calling the interface of getLoginLinked, I received error code 467, indicating that it only supports accounts of mobile phone numbers. Please bind the mobile phone number first.

Currently the email accounts do not support the function of envoking the ClassIn app via link. To envoke the ClassIn app successfully, you need to bind your mobile phone number first. If your product depends on this function, please use mobile phone numbers to register the ClassIn account.

  • Note:
  • If you want to use the web link to invoke the ClassIn app, the email account must be bound to a mobile phone number.
  • The operation of binding mobile phone number can only be done by the user him/herself in the ClassIn app, not via API.
  • After the account is registered, the login location will be detected every time you log in to the ClassIn app. If you are in the mainland China and use the email account, you will need to verify your mobile phone number via SMS to log in the ClassIn app successfully.
  • One mobile phone number can verify five accounts, that is, one mobile phone number can verify four email accounts and bind one email account.

Email accounts that have not bound mobile phone numbers cannot use the link generated from the getLoginLinked interface to invoke the ClassIn app. Please generate the URL based on the following rules.

How to obtain the UID of email account?

Error code 400, indicating that the requested data is illegal.

Reason:You passed the wrong UID.

  • UID can only be obtained via API of register. The teacherId/studentId you found on the link in the teacher/student management page on the Admin Dashboard is not UID.

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