API Testing

When you just start to test the interfaces, please send one request and receive returned value successfully at least once.

  • Please note that error code 1 is considered a successful API request. When other error codes are returned, please deal with the API calling logic and the code based on the instruction returned. Do not send the same request that already reports errors repeatedly to avoid unnecessary waste of resources.
  • If the error code is not handled correctly, it is likely to cause inconsistency between the data of both sides.

Here are issues you may encounter when trying our interfaces for the first time. (For other issues, please refer to the error code description of the interface you called.)

No values returned

The request may be timed out. Please check:

  • Whether the URL is correct. For example https://root_url/partner/api/course.api.php?action=register You need to change root_url to api.eeo.cn.
  • Whether the internet is stable.
  • Other issues: if the request is sent via codes, please try in the postman first: https://docs.eeo.cn/api/en/appendix/Gettingstartedguide.html

Returns error code 100

  • Whether is the POST method.
  • Whether the parameters are accurate (case sensitive), whether the parameter format is correct, and whether the required parameters are filled in.
  • Whether the data format of the parameter is incorrect.

Returns error code 102

  • Whether the SID is correct.
  • Whether the safeKey is the result of md5 encryption of SECRET +timeStamp(lowercase).
  • SECRET should be copied rather than filled in manually. Pay attention to the confusion of letters.
  • Whether timeStamp is the number of seconds (not milliseconds) within 20 minutes from the current time.
  • Whether the contract expires or the school account has arrears(Please contact your account manager).

Note: If the virtual classrooms can be used normally, it means that it is not situation 5.

Returns error code 104

104 is an unexpected error. If 104 occurs, it is recommended to resend the request.

  • When it happens to the registration-related interfaces(Add Students/Add Teachers/Modify Info related), please resend the request.
  • When it happens to the APIs of creating new courses/lessons, please use the parameter of courseUniqueIdentity to avoid creating the same course/lesson with the same parameters. Otherwise, you can create multiple same courses/lessons.

With the If the first and second requests use the same parameter, it will not cause repeated creation. Otherwise, it is possible to create the same course/section after the first success.

114 Returns error code 114

Refer to error code 104.

Returns other error codes

Each interface has an instruction for different error codes. Please refer to the instruction when other error codes happen and adjust the API calling logic.

  • For example, error code 134 means that the mobile phone number is not legal. You need to use legal phone numbers to register ClassIn accounts.

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