ClassIn download button link API instruction

main purpose:

Place on the school page,Download the latest ClassIn client to the user without having to manually update the link address.

Results the preview:

ClassIn Win7 Download button

ClassIn MacOS Intel processor Download button

ClassIn MacOS Apple silicon Download button

Mobile Download Address QR Code:
classIn mobile download

Instructions for use:

    <a data-id="classInDownLoad_auto">classIn Auto-judge download button</a><br />
    <a data-id="classInDownLoad_win7">ClassIn win7 Download button</a><br />
    <a data-id="classInDownLoad_macOS">ClassIn macOS Download button</a><br />
    <a data-id="classInDownLoad_iOS">classIn iOS download button</a><br />
    <a data-id="classInDownLoad_android">classIn Android download button</a><br />
  Mobile Download Address QR Code: <br /><img data-id="classInImage_mdqr" alt="classIn mobile download">
  <script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" src=""></script>

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