Users Change Accounts

When teachers and students change their phone numbers, you can update the changes in your system based on the following steps.

1. Users Change Mobile Phone Numbers

  • Since the ClassIn accounts belong to individual users, thus only the users themselves can change their mobile phone numbers in the ClassIn app.

    • When a user changes the mobile phone number bonded to the account in the ClassIn app, it will not change the account's UID. Therefore, there is no need to reschedule the course/lesson for the UID. You need to update the new mobile phone number of the user in your system. You can subscribe to Change mobile phone numbers to receive the phone number update. ClassIn客户端更换手机号处理
    • When the user cannot access the original mobile phone number and cannot log into the ClassIn account, the user needs to have a new account to log into the ClassIn app and attend classes. To do so, the user can register a new account with a new mobile phone number in the ClassIn app by him/herself, or let the school to register the account on behalf of the user via API. In this situation, the user would have a new UID and you need to reschedule courses/lessons for the new UID. You can remove the existing courses/lessons in the old accounts based on needs. 使用新手机号

2. Users Cancel ClassIn Accounts

  • There might be occasions when users cancel their ClassIn account in the app. You can subscribe to Account Cancellation to receive the reminder and data.

    • The UID gets invalid after the account is cancelled. The operation is irreversible, and the corresponding scheduling information also becomes invalid. In this case, the user would need a new ClassIn account, and please refer to the process above to register a new UID and schedule courses/lessons for the new UID.


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