Postman the sample package

The Postman is a powerful web page debugging and sends an HTTP request, and can run the test case of Chrome plug-ins, can be used to easily simulate the GET or POST request or other ways to debug interface.

We have provided you with a full set of "ClassIn API Postman" sample code,You can use it easily and flexibly to test ClassIn API.

Install Postman

Test ClassIn API

  • Please copy below ClassIn API Postman the sample code to localhost file,For example you are copying user-related interfaces,can call it: classin-user-postman-collection.json
  • Open Postman,click top left corner Import Import classin-user-postman-collection.json。Please refer to the following picture:

Postman Import

  • Import after a successful,you can test it.

  • In another,click right side Code you can view the code generated automatically from HTTP request. Postman support the most popular programming languages,click the language button on the left to switch. refer to the below:

Postman Code Generation

ClassIn API Postman the sample code

Download the following file, please right click and save as download




Account related


Schoolroom related

Cloud disk

Cloud disk related

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